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How We Move Matters - The National Academies of Science

The 82 Alliance, President, and CEO, Rob Henry spoke at The National Academies of Science How We Move Matters webinar. Rob spoke during session III. Assessing Solutions: Policy’s Impact on Our Mobility and Environmental Health.


This session highlighted important insights at the nexus of where transportation policies, environmental health policies, and actual consumer behavior meet. Discussions attempted to find the sweet spot between policy, economic incentives, improved mobility, and environmental health. Example topics included curbside management, congestion pricing, and zoning.

The National Academies of Science recently released its Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief.


Commutifi Between the Lines Podcast

Rob currently serves as ACT's Public Policy Committee Chair.


Rob was interviewed during S1E3 of Commutifi's Between the Lines Podcast on the MORE Through TDM Act. The first-of-its-kind pending federal legislation would have a huge impact on the TDM space.

Commute+ Reimagined

President & CEO, Rob Henry, participated in the first webinar of the Commute+ Reimagined series discussing the challenges and opportunities that will come along with commuting as workplaces reopen. 

The full webinar is available on this page. 

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