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Vancouver plan to cut emissions floats $1,000 annual parking fee for heavy polluters - CoastReporter

By Stefan Labbé

The 'Climate Emergency Parking Plan,' aimed to reduce pollution, is expected to affect up to 150,000 Vancouver residents who park on the street.

The City Vancouver has revealed plans to curb the greenhouse gases from gas-powered vehicles in a move that would ding high-emitting cars over $1,000 per year.

Emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles currently make up 40 per cent of the city’s carbon output — city staff said curbing those emissions through new parking fees will put Vancouver on track to follow measures rolled out in cities like Montreal and Sydney, Australia.

Dubbed the “Climate Emergency Parking Plan,” the two-step scheme is expected to affect up to 150,000 Vancouver residents who park on the street. It’s also projected to reduce carbon emissions by 25 kilotonnes, or 10 per cent, by 2030 (one ton of CO2 gas takes up a cube about as tall, wide and long as a telephone pole; now, picture 25,000 of those).

Starting in 2022, the plan is expected to raise over $60 million over four years. That money is ostensibly earmarked to fight climate change and make the city a more walkable, bicycle- and electric vehicle-friendly place, though city council will make the final decision on how the money is spent.


The first part of the plan aims to push people looking to buy a new car toward a low-emission option.

Under a three-tier system, annual fees will be levied on the purchase of new vehicle models from 2023 onward based on how much carbon they emit.

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