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Paying too much at the pump? Low-cost electric bikes like these can do 500 miles for $1 - electrek

The whole “Don’t like gas prices? Ride a bike!” sounds annoying and feels impractical for most people. But if you weren’t already aware, there’s a much more practical alternative to conventional pedal bikes: fun and energy-efficient electric bikes! Now more than ever, with gas prices rising steeply and uncertain fuel prospects on the horizon, perhaps it’s time to give an electric bike a second thought.

Look, if you can pedal for your entire commute, that’s awesome. Go for it! But the simple fact is that very few car commuters have the patience or physical stamina to trade their car commute for a pedaling slog on an old-school 21-speed. But electric bikes have seen huge success convincing drivers to make the switch to two wheels.


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