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Lyft’s New E-Bike Aims to Conquer the Post-Pandemic City - CityLab

The mobility company is launching an updated electric model with a host of durability and accessibility improvements. But can it draw commuters out of cars?

As U.S. workers trickle back to the office, a new e-bike joining Lyft’s bikeshare fleet is aimed at helping them get there.

Launching in San Francisco on June 6, this updated model features a number of accessibility and durability improvements over the current battery-boosted bikes that Lyft rents by the minute in nine U.S. cities. Among them: a much longer battery life, a lower center of gravity, and a saddle that can better accommodate smaller riders. There’s no gear shifter: The electric motor mounted on the rear wheel has sensors that automatically adjust to the rider’s torque, cadence and speed. A digital console mounted on the handlebars will alert riders to things like local speed limits and out-of-bounds parking zones. Reflective white paint, like the kind found on traffic signs, provides an extra jolt of visibility.


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