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Denver Wants New Developments to Help Reduce Cars on the Roads - Westword

Denver could soon enact a policy that would require developers to help reduce the number of cars on city streets.

"This is really cross-cutting. It’s going to help meet various goals. There are benefits from a climate perspective, from air pollution, public health and affordability. It gets at quality of life and how Denverites have access to get around the city and go about their daily lives and do that in a more sustainable, accessible and affordable way," says Alana Miller, who has been working on a transportation demand management proposal with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The proposal, which a Denver City Council committee will consider on March 30, would require developers to implement specific programs to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicle trips taken by tenants of new developments.

For example, the proposal suggests, developers could offer subsidized transit passes for tenants or install showers, lockers and changing rooms for people who bike to work. According to city officials, who have been working on this proposal for two years with help from an advisory group that includes developers, many new developments have already implemented these programs.

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