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Cop26: Denver launches blueprint for tackling climate crisis - SmartCitiesWorld

Denver’s Climate Protection Fund plan outlines a “comprehensive and strategic approach” to city-led initiatives that seek to equitably address the global climate crisis at a local level.

Photo Credit: SmartCitiesWorld

Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency has released a five-year plan that aims to model how cities can lead the way in tackling the climate crisis.

The voter-supported Climate Protection Fund plan outlines a comprehensive and strategic approach to city-led initiatives that seeks to equitably address the global climate crisis at a local level. The plan was launched to coincide with world leaders convening at Cop26.

Global collaboration

“As the world turns its attention to the global collaboration happening on the ground right now in Glasgow, I am proud to say that Denver is a leader in the US when it comes to tangible and innovative solutions to climate change that provide direct benefits to residents,” said Michael Hancock, mayor.

Denver reports it is one of only two cities in the nation that have a dedicated, voter-approved climate fund to support catalytic projects driven by the community. In autumn 2020, Denver voters overwhelming supported ballot measure 2A, creating the Climate Protection Fund and serving as a model for how cities can rapidly address human-caused impacts of climate change with equity and environmental justice integrated in all solutions.

“Denver needs to create a healthier, more inclusive environment if we are to do our part in avoiding the worst climate change impacts to come”

The Climate Protection Fund provides up to $40m annually of direct support in the six areas of: adaptation and resiliency; environmental justice; high-performance buildings and homes; job creation and workforce development; renewable energy; and sustainable transportation.

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