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City of Charlotte approves public-private partnership for electric bus pilot - SmartCitiesWorld

Charlotte City Council has voted to approve a pilot program to run electric buses.

The public-private partnership between the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and eTransEnergy, a subsidiary/affiliate of Duke Energy, will test the performance of battery electric bus (BEB) vehicles across the greater metropolitan Charlotte area.

Cities Climate Challenge

This collaboration, which has been supported by the Bloomberg Philanthropies American Cities Climate Challenge, will kick off a 12- to18-month pilot programmed to test 18 BEB vehicles from three different manufacturers.

The programmed supports the city’s Strategic Energy Action Plan (SEAP) which strives to have city fleet and facilities fueled by 100 per cent zero-carbon sources by 2030 and sets a community-wide goal for Charlotte to become a low carbon city by 2050.

“Since 2018, the City of Charlotte has been working to achieve the vision of a low carbon Charlotte set forth in the SEAP,” said City of Charlotte chief sustainability officer Sarah Hazel. “Though 2020 brought incredible challenges on many fronts, it also highlighted the importance of this work, which is why it is so exciting to take this collaborative step towards reaching the ambitious goals we set for ourselves and our community.”

The pilot will allow CATS to collect data and assess vehicle performance while operating across the transit system in preparation for future phases. CATS is expected to receive the battery-electric vehicles by the end of 2021. Operation of the pilot program is anticipated to begin in early 2022.

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